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Gem Plaster Industries

Established in Tuticorin in 1955, Gem Plaster Industries is a quality manufacturer of Plaster of Paris. We have been in the manufacturer of gypsum powder since 1980. We have built a reputation for our meticulous attention to detail and workmanship as well as our excellent customer service. Our main aim is to deliver with a high-quality gypsum powder to meet the customer-specific requirements and expectations. Our highly knowledge driven staffs, and modern automation technology implementation along with our core values are the key characteristics that set apart from this competitive market. Our gypsum powder manufacturing method experiences range from traditional practices through to cutting edge high technology methodology.

We are a family-owned medium size manufacturing unit and honor ourselves in delivering a fast and reliable service to our valuable customers. We are committed to providing our customers the independent quality assurance that they expect.

We build relationship with our clients to guarantee that our quality and plaster of paris product is of the highest standard. We operate an automatic monitored quality solutions providing traceability of materials from their initial source of raw gypsum supply, into stock, directly through to ship to the client storage place. Over the past decades, Gem Plaster Industries have grown-up year on year, both in terms of our team of candid workforce, and in terms of our Quality Standards. We manufacturer our plaster of paris powder in compliance with industry standards set in the industrials norms.

Our Value Proposition

Innovation – Brilliance - Experiences – Corporate Social Accountability

Our Mission

G class="sub-head inner-sub-head"em Plaster Industries has a mission to deliver high quality plaster of paris powder all around the world. Gem Plaster Industries has been working restlessly to complete its mission to provide high quality gypsum powder at the worldwide level and with each sale we reach one step closer to our mission. Since more than few decades we have been moving forward with the same mission and goal

Our Commitment

  • Trustworthiness – Support Gem Plaster Industries vision & mission
  • Responsibility – Bringing accountability and rights in everything we do
  • Cooperation – Valuing the team and working together to meet the end objectives
  • Confidence – By using Belief & having faith in the competence of each other

Longevity and experience

Gem Plater of Paris is headquartered in Tuticorin, Tamil Nādu, India. We have maintained a continuous sales office presence in Chennai over 50 years. We maintain Plaster of Paris stocks on various locations to support timely supplies as and when needed. We are enthusiastic about what we manufacture and experience the challenges we learn in our client’s ever-changing needs