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At Gem Plaster of Paris, we are proud to offer high quality plaster of paris to the clients throughout India and worldwide. Our modern plaster of paris manufacturing capacity and guaranteed quality raw gypsum, can benefits or clients with the best rate card and highest quality pop powder. The modern equipment’s and cutting-edge technologies that are implemented in our pop manufacturing facility help our candid employees in meeting with the efficiency standards of the Interior design Industry.

When time is of the fundamental nature, we’re always on hand with a timely solution to meet your personalized needs. We can deliver quality and best plaster of paris to small, medium, and big corporates. Plaster of Paris (POP) available in Chennai in both bulk bags and small bags. From flexible pricing model and faster response to a quality guaranteed distribution, Gem Plaster of Paris offers a complete and unique experience for the POP needs.

Our singular aim to provide excellent customer service and flexibility to meet customer’s requirements. The Quality Policy reflects the need for Gem Plaster of Paris to strive towards to the following objectives:

  • Having multi generation knowledge
  • Generate leads from satisfied customers word of mouth.
  • Our Plaster of Paris fully conform with the clients’ requirements and specifications.
  • Our focus is on consistent improvement
  • Maintaining a strict ethical policy
  • Commitment to service and quality
  • Individual respect and responsibility
  • Enhance the value of our products and customer focus

Plaster of Paris Manufacturers

Gem Plaster Industries flexibility, traceability, and capability to manufacture plaster of paris to client specific requirements with very short lead times, whether in large or small volume runs, has made it somewhat unique as a gypsum powder supplier in India. We have been the trustworthy regional preference for some of India’s largest projects over the last 50 years and has maintained a position in India manufacturing through changing times and fiercely competitive market environments. Therefore, we’re advancing not only as a plaster of paris manufacturer but as a key supplier for major corporates. We gain our client interest through constant advancement motivated by the honesty, modernization and teamwork of our candid work force.

The achievement of Gem Plaster Industries has very much been encouraged by a dedicated team of workforce truly dedicated on a vision for success. Our shop floor workforces are long working greatly skilled machinists who have outstanding talents not only as plaster of paris manufacturers but with enormous knowledge in technical maintenance, tool-making and the ability to manufacture a superior plaster of paris powder. Our wealthy record of client happiness and quality plaster of paris manufacturing has led to the expansion and improvement of our company.

Gem Plaster of Paris will fulfill with all appropriate environmentally friendly regulation.